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A Portfolio by Uriel Bitton

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My different fields of expertise


Web Developer

Web Developer & Designer

Software Engineer

Front/Back End Programmer

Sound Engineer

Audio Mixing Engineer/Music Composer

A little about me...

Hey there! My name is Uriel and i'm a passionate and tireless web developer and software engineer. I also delve in sound design as well as graphic design and compose music as my life long hobby since i was 18. The graphic design is both a hobby and a small service i offer that is part of my startup called Scorpion Edge.

I have worked on numerous web design projects, offering cutting edge, reimagined and stunningly creative modern websites for a wide array of business areas. These include Lawyer websites, accounting and general business websites as well as portfolio and photography websites. All amongst a wide range of graphic and logo designed branding, which i also offer at Scorpion Edge (

I am also a front and back end programmer specializing in java, C++, Ruby, Python and PHP (amongst more programming languages). I offer as well software solutions for small businesses and projects. My skills extend to web and software programming as well as Database Management. On my own i have started delving into artificial intelligence, which i plan on developing further in my software journey.

For my full biography and skills list read up more about me here.


My passion drives me

My different fields of expertise


Web Design






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