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Before I start developing a website for a client i ask myself 2 questions. The first, what is the client’s project requirements?. Second, what is their target audience or purpose for their website.

Once i have gathered this information from the client i can put forth an action plan on how to design and develop the website. Below i will list in detailed steps the process for successfully developing a modern website and delivering it to the customer, while maintaining their complete satisfaction.

Define purpose

I often start a project by defining my client’s target audience, competition and their purpose for creating a website. I then define what type of people the target audience is, why creating the website will help the client and what he will get out of it.


My next step is the branding. At this step i’ll carefully choose an design a logo, a typography and the brand colors that should best fit the client’s brand.

The colors and font will complement each other and match across all my designs i create for the client. These include logos, business cards, posters as well as ad designs and social media posters.

Web Development

Once the branding has been devised, i’ll start the website development. Based on my client’s needs i will choose between a few platforms. If the client requires selling products online than i’ll usually choose a wordpress environment or shopify platform. If the client needs a informative based website with a modern design i may choose a JavasScript based approach. If the client needs a web application, then i’ll use frameworks such as React Js, Angular JS or Vue JS.

Once the features of the website are done i’ll add my personal touch of the design, this is where i employ my creativity and add stylistic and modern designs into all my projects so your website is nothing short of impressive to any visitor no matter their experience.

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