A little about us

Our Story

Our Story

Flexr Designs started in 2013 providing intricate design solutions for a number of startups and freelancers. Fast forward 7 years and we know work for large scale brands in Canada. We work with product design as well as digital design for a full online brand image.

The Mission

Our aim at Flexr Designs is to provide high end designs in efficient time without compromising quality. We create your designs with a branding strategy that matches across all your platforms in web, logo and graphics.


Our experience and skill in design comes from 7 years of extensive digital design experience for clients in various fields. We have provided cutting edge designs for diverse brands ranging from accouting to clothing, from lawyers to health products.


We are based in Montreal, Canada. The city inspires our designs.


Visit our blog posts for exclusive tips and learning articles to discover how to create digital designs and create your own design startup.


Tell us about your project

Let us know what type of project you would like to create and we'll be in touch shortly. We offer 24/7 support for all design projects.

A little about us

Our Story

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